The Xcorio professional networking platform is an integral part of your organisations website.  So the first feature is you get is a brand new, state of the art website that does all the things your current website does - and a  whole lot more.

A society website should no longer be seen as just an online brochure.  It should allow members to use it in a meaningful way, permitting them to gain maximum value from and invaluable resource.

Surgeons, physicians and all health professionals want to network with each other.  They want to have a discussion about the things that interests them – whether that be an unusual condition, a procedure that they’re particularly good at or, importantly, how best to manage a difficult case.  They want to share their experiences with fellow specialists or practioners.  They want to be able to create a profile and upload content and have a discussion around that content.  It is essential that this is done in a secure environment.  The Xcorio platform allows you to do exactly this.

Your Online Medical website and Xcorio professional networking platform will operate in harmony to provide the following:

  1. A website that tells the world about your society – it’s missions, values, resources and aims.
  2. Standard home page tabs to the traditional pages such as:
    1. About Us.
    2. Latest News.
    3. Upcoming Events.
    4. Annual Conference.
    5. Membership Benefits.
    6. Education.
    7. Become a Member.
  3. A secure area that allows members full access to all member resources AND to the networking facility.
  4. The networking facility will allow individual members to:
    1. Create a professional profile to include information such as qualifications, training, current and previous appointments, publications and special interests.
    2. Upload content in the form of text documents and clinical photos.
    3. Submit a video for upload to the site.
    4. Invite fellow members in to view profile content.
    5. Have a discussion around certain content i.e. videos and selected powerpoint presentations from the annual conference.
  5. A secure section for admin staff that once again allows:
    1. Networking around specific tasks.
    2. Relevant staff members to see progress at a glance.
    3. Instant notification about updates to the task.
    4. Uploading of relevant content pertinent to that task.
  6. A customised e-learning platform for both members and admin staff.