Your Xcorio professional networking platform will have immeasurable benefits for your society or organisation and its members.

Benefits for the Society

  1. Increase membership.
  2. Increase revenue through increased membership.
  3. Retain members.
  4. Allows your society to position itself as the authorative body in your specialty and allows you to compete on the world stage with other societies representing other countries.
  5. Experience the knock-on effect of increased attendance at events such as the Annual Conference.
  6. Enjoy the added attention and potential financial support from the pharmaceutical/device industry (being an educational resource it will sit exactly within their professional code of conduct).

Benefits for Individual Members

  1. Allows them to create their own profile and showcase their expertise and special interests.
  2. Allows them to upload content to their profile and invite others in to have a discussion about that content.
  3. Allows discussion around dedicated topics of interest, videos and presentations via forums.
  4. A huge value-add for their membership fees.
  5. An ever-expanding educational resource.